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Dental Bridges

You Can Have a Beautiful Smile Again With Dental Bridges

Attaining a natural looking and realistic smile after tooth loss is possible with dental bridges. Dr. Raass, a Bonita Springs dentist with over 35 years of experience, uses them as one of the options available to fill those gaps created by a missing tooth or teeth. 

According to the span, the fixed dental bridges used can be:

·         Porcelain dental bridges

·         Porcelain fused to metal dental bridges.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

Correctly fitting and adhering a dental bridge takes several painless steps. First, the surrounding teeth will need to be prepared for dental crowns. An impression will be taken and then used to fashion the porcelain crowns. The placement of dental implants may also be used to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for the new dental bridge. Once these steps have been completed, the crowns and the bridge will be securely attached in a subsequent visit to our office.


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